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Breast Augmentation is known by many words: Boob job, breast enlargement breast, breast enhancement,and breast implantation.  There are different products which are used to produce the results the patient may desire.  Dr. Dennis Watkins, at Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii, is very knowledgeable in the types of products available to give the desired results.  Saline implants are less expensive but they look great, with the visual results the same as with silicone implants.    One difference between saline and silicone may be the touch and feel the patient may want from the implant.  This is a matter of choice.   Gel implants or silicone implants are more expensive but are perceived as more of a natural feel to the touch.  The implants are available to touch and feel at the Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii clinic, so the patient can experience the difference and make their choice.  The patient may come in for an office visit and try the different sizes of implants on to actually see what they will look like with the size of implant they choose.